Which Attitude Do You Have? Take the Quiz!

The attitude you have can greatly affect performance during class projects, on the interview, and during the job.  Thinking positively and putting your best foot forward can do nothing but propel you toward a successful future.  Thinking negatively will undoubtedly result in negative experiences and most likely end with low self-esteem.  Do you constantly make excuses when faced with difficult challenges or do you take charge of the assignment even if it may be difficult?  Check out the article below and take the quiz to find out which kind of attitude you have.

Do you have a can or can’t do attitude?.

About Jeniffer Sumner

Jeniffer Sumner is the Marketing and PR Associate at VCS. Sumner is also a public relations blogger, who enjoys blogging about her experiences in the workforce, company case studies, and advice for up-and-coming individuals who would like to enter the industry. Follow her on twitter: @jeniffersumner

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog via the #EntryPR group on LinkedIn. I would have to agree that one’s attitude can surely determine the outcome of a situation. For example, how you approach an unpaid internship: bitter or optimistic? What you get out of the experience is directly related to your attitude.

    • Hi Yasheaka, I think that that is so true! I haven’t had an unpaid internship myself, but I have friends who have had them and they tell me that for them, it’s sometimes a challenge to remain optimistic. In my own personal experience with paid internships, I have always remained optimistic, and I believe that it helped me to do a better job in the long run.

      • Part of the challenge may stem from the fact that unpaid interns often feel devalued and that their efforts aren’t taken as seriously. During my undergraduate career, I participated in 1 unpaid internship, and can say that it was glorified coffee runs and office maid service. Compare that to a paid internship where I was a respected member of my team who was given serious responsibilities and deadlines.

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