Internship/Job Search

The search may be difficult, stressful, and annoying, but it’s something that has to be done.  the key is to know where to look and to be prepared when an opportunity comes.

My advice on this is to look up actual companies, and then go to their respective websites.  Most of these companies should have a careers page, where you can search for jobs or send your resume.

Another tip for you to do is to look at the PRSA or PRSSA websites to search for internships and careers.  Both of these websites always have great advice on finding jobs and presenting job opportunities.

Following companies on their social media websites can also increase your chances in finding work.  More and more companies are utilizing social media to tell the world that they are hiring, so make sure to get on Twitter and Facebook so that you won’t miss out!

Look at public relations blogs, join groups on LinkedIn, and search for opportunities there.  There are so many job postings for entry-level PR and internships available.

Finally, utilize your school’s resources and network with people you already know.  You know so many people, the best thing for you to do is to talk to as many people as you can, because you never know what kinds of doors they can open for you.  As for school, check to see if your school has a career advisement department where you can be helped, and talk to your professors.  They will most likely be glad to help you.

About Jeniffer Sumner

Jeniffer Sumner is the Marketing and PR Associate at VCS. Sumner is also a public relations blogger, who enjoys blogging about her experiences in the workforce, company case studies, and advice for up-and-coming individuals who would like to enter the industry. Follow her on twitter: @jeniffersumner

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