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Which Attitude Do You Have? Take the Quiz!

The attitude you have can greatly affect performance during class projects, on the interview, and during the job.  Thinking positively and putting your best foot forward can do nothing but propel you toward a successful future.  Thinking negatively will undoubtedly result in negative experiences and most likely end with low self-esteem.  Do you constantly make excuses when faced with difficult challenges or do you take charge of the assignment even if it may be difficult?  Check out the article below and take the quiz to find out which kind of attitude you have.

Do you have a can or can’t do attitude?.

PR Professionals, Do You Do This?

PR Professionals generally have some day-to-day tasks that are the same.  The great ones can multitask through a million different projects, press releases, presentations, while still monitoring clients social media platforms throughout the day.  Here is a list of 15 ways you can tell if you are a typical PR professional:


  1. Your day starts and ends with a cup of coffee.
  2. You can power walk in 5 inch heels with your laptop bag and checking your BlackBerry.
  3. You are so used to putting the client first that you forget to eat lunch on a regular basis.
  4. You can toggle between a PowerPoint presentation, a press release, Twitter strategy and PSA outlines – all in an hour.
  5. You proudly put “PR pro” in your Twitter bio, knowing it’s the one place you don’t have to explain your job.
  6. You’re probably the only one in your friend’s circle that actually knows what the word ‘embargo’ means.
  7. You know the first and last names (and potentially emails…and voicemail greetings) of reporters from the top 50 publications in your field because you pitch them so often.
  8. You craft a communications plan when you find out you’re pregnant/engaged to be married, etc.
  9. Your phone is within arms reach, on the nightstand, every night, just in case. And chances are it’s checked at least once in the middle of the night.
  10. You can easily go from a high-powered presentation with the CEO to being onsite at an event hanging banners and not think twice about it.
  11. You have a change of clothes in your office, just in case.
  12. You are sworn to secrecy on just about everything under fear of the corporate version of Guantanamo.
  13. It takes you 2 hours to walk from one end of a tradeshow floor to the other, because you have to stop every 5 paces to say ‘Hi’ to yet another journalist/analyst/consultant who’s just caught your eye.
  14. You can’t remember your best friend’s phone number, but you can reel-off ad rates for the top 5 magazines/websites in your industry.
  15. You enter arguments with your spouse/friends/family only with clearly defined (and tested!) key messages.


Note:  This list was not created by me and was derived from

Staying Motivated

Though the going gets tough and the tough gets going, I am learning that you have to stay motivated in the world of public relations.  If you are not motivated to get the job that you are applying for, someone else will be.

Staying focused on your career goals may be hard, especially if you keep getting turned down, but staying connected to the right people can be a great help to this.  For example, my family members are always pushing me forward and telling me to get back on the horse.  I also have other undergraduate students who aer going through the same situations as me.  Some of my friends are better off, some of my friends ar worse off, but we help each other out and talk to each other about our frustrations.

Finally, motivate yourself.  Being a self-motivated person will help you in the long run.  You will think more positively, apply for more opportunities, and you won’t give up so easily.  Also, you will need to be self-motivated in your future profession as a public relations professional anyway, so if you’re serious about your career, then it won’t be so hard to find things to motivate yourself.  Just keep your goals and your focus in mind, be a go-getter, know your stuff, and you will succeed.

Internship/Job Search

The search may be difficult, stressful, and annoying, but it’s something that has to be done.  the key is to know where to look and to be prepared when an opportunity comes.

My advice on this is to look up actual companies, and then go to their respective websites.  Most of these companies should have a careers page, where you can search for jobs or send your resume.

Another tip for you to do is to look at the PRSA or PRSSA websites to search for internships and careers.  Both of these websites always have great advice on finding jobs and presenting job opportunities.

Following companies on their social media websites can also increase your chances in finding work.  More and more companies are utilizing social media to tell the world that they are hiring, so make sure to get on Twitter and Facebook so that you won’t miss out!

Look at public relations blogs, join groups on LinkedIn, and search for opportunities there.  There are so many job postings for entry-level PR and internships available.

Finally, utilize your school’s resources and network with people you already know.  You know so many people, the best thing for you to do is to talk to as many people as you can, because you never know what kinds of doors they can open for you.  As for school, check to see if your school has a career advisement department where you can be helped, and talk to your professors.  They will most likely be glad to help you.