10 PR Hints To Know If You’re Asleep With Your Eyes Open

The term “sleeping” is defined by Dictionary.com as a condition of rest.

You, being the public relations intern, junior entry level worker, or student CAN NOT be “asleep” in the industry.

So how do you know if you are asleep?  If any of the 10 hints below apply to you, you need to wake up!

  1. You don’t know what SEO is or the first steps to effectively use it.
  2. You aren’t familiar or “proficient” with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and are just beginning to understand the social media obsession and how it affects the industry.
  3.  You don’t know what’s going on in the world around you and don’t regularly check the news.
  4. You aren’t actively reading up on companies and their PR case studies to make sure you don’t make the mistakes they do.
  5. You aren’t utilizing the network of people around you and trying to make new connections for the future.
  6. You aren’t involved in any clubs or activities on your campus that could potentially use your PR skills to get your feet wet and prepare yourself for future client projects.
  7. Your PR professors don’t know you by name because you’re not standing out.
  8. You haven’t been to any conferences or workshops that cater to your specific interests.
  9. You haven’t identified your weaknesses (or strengths) and actively asked for assistance in these areas to improve.
  10. You’re uninterested, even right at this very moment, with all of these tips and most of them apply to you.

Consider this your alarm clock buzzing consistently, and WAKE UP!  If you sleep too long you’ll be late for life!

About Jeniffer Sumner

Jeniffer Sumner is the Marketing and PR Associate at VCS. Sumner is also a public relations blogger, who enjoys blogging about her experiences in the workforce, company case studies, and advice for up-and-coming individuals who would like to enter the industry. Follow her on twitter: @jeniffersumner

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