March Commuter Blues

Being a commuter may be hard to manage depending on how far you have to commute to school, how many days a week, and what your schedule is like before and after school.  You may be a person who has a lot on their plate, juggling a full or part time job, school activities, outside activities, family life, or all of the above.

The fact that it’s winter does not make matters much easier, since there is more opportunity for snow, icy roads, and people who drive more cautiously because of it.

I have a couple of tips on this issue.  I commute an hour and a half away from my school four times a week.  Twice a week I commute during early morning rush hour traffic (on the parkway) and have to make it in time for an 8 a.m. class.

Preparation is the key.  Preparing whatever you can the night before is a huge help for me.  If you have your book bag packed the night before, your breakfast set aside for you in the morning on the go, and your outfit picked out including any accessories you plan to wear, it makes it a million times easier to get dressed on and leave out on time.  Also, cut down your shower time in the morning or take a shower at night.  If you lose track of time in the shower, it does not make life easier to make it to school, work, or anywhere else you have to go on time.  At this point in life, you should know where all your body parts are so it shouldn’t take you three hours to shower.  This DOES NOT mean skip anything, just to be clear!

Preparation again is the next tip.  If you know from watching the news the night before that it is most likely going to snow in the morning, you know that you will have to warm up your car earlier, get the defroster on, and go to work on the piles of snow and ice on your vehicle.  Make sure to allot time for this, because you can be on time walking out the door but run off schedule because it takes you more than two minutes to get your car together.

Prepare for a third time.  Yes, preparation is again the third tip.  After you’re all dressed and your car is in order, you can start on your way.  However, you may not know how long it will take you to get to work or school on this specific day.  Listening to the radio to find out where the accidents are, and giving yourself ample time to make it on time is key.  I usually give myself an extra 45 minutes to get to school on time because of early morning stop and go traffic, accidents, construction, and parking issues when I finally make it to school.  If you know your way around, you can avoid traffic and keep to your schedule.

About Jeniffer Sumner

Jeniffer Sumner is the Marketing and PR Associate at VCS. Sumner is also a public relations blogger, who enjoys blogging about her experiences in the workforce, company case studies, and advice for up-and-coming individuals who would like to enter the industry. Follow her on twitter: @jeniffersumner

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  1. Yes, good job.

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